Vision Statement

Our Vision

We want to help people find a relationship with Christ by creating a space that is easy to come to, by going out into the community and serving where people are, and by building people up in their faith through Bible study, worship, fellowship in small groups, missions, and outreach so they experience God.

We are a multiplying church that desires to raise up leaders who will plant other reproducing churches every 3-4 years. We equip our people on how to share their faith with friends and family without being pushy or obnoxious.

We focus strongly on ministering to children, teenagers, young adults, singles, and families.

We are a praying church that believes our vitality and energy must come from going to God first.

We believe that every believer is gifted and seek to help each member of the Body of Christ (the church) discover their gifts and the fulfillment that comes from using them to reach out to others.

We meet on a University campus where we love the students and faculty and seek to be a blessing to the culture around us, while sharing he truth of the Bible and how it works in our lives in practical ways.

Our focus is on Jesus and glorifying God rather than ourselves.

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Join us Sunday at 

10am - 11:15am