Next Steps

Getting involved and getting to know God better is a simple process at Solid Ground.

We encourage everyone to take two basic Next Steps after visiting and getting to know us:

Step 1 - Get involved on Sunday mornings. We have two services, 9am & 10:30am, that we prayerfully work to make as engaging as possible. You will learn practical insights to life's dilemmas, as well as how to get to know God better. You will have a chance to be involved in meaningful worship to encourage you and help you understand who God is. In time, we will give you opportunities to get involved helping with different aspects of the Sunday morning services. 

Step 2 - Join a "Community Group" during the week. There you can get to know a small group of anywhere from 4 to 14 people. Make friends, learn how to apply what you hear on Sundays, ask questions, have fun, care for one another, and be involved as a group in the community or in the world reaching out and serving. Much of the serving time can take place during normal group meeting times. To find a group that works with your schedule click here.

Jesus summarized what God wants in our lives into two simple statements:

1. Love God

2. Love People

Mark 12:29-31

We suggest visiting the "Next" table led by Pastor Rick after each service and signing up for the next "Foundations" class to learn more about being a part of Solid Ground. Check the event schedule for upcoming dates.

We believe that time with your family and time getting to know your neighbors is important, so it is not our goal to fill already crowded schedules with tons of activities. Most events we offer can happen on Sundays and during group meetings, so you are using time already scheduled.

Our vision as a church is all about helping anyone seeking after God to become whole hearted Christ followers. We believe these two steps of loving God and loving people will help you accomplish just that!

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Join us Sunday at 

10am - 11:15am